The Dive Shop Crew


Martha Katz

Course Director, Instructor Trainer

A Northeast diver for over 30 years, Scuba Network has been serving divers since the 1990's.  Martha is the Den Mother to hundreds of Long Island Divers. 


Martha has devoted much time to training persons with disabilities through the Handicapped Scuba Association.  She has also worked with veterans projects like Wounded Warriors.


Martha is a NAUI Course Director and SDI Instructor Trainer. and has dove all over the world from Fiji to Curacao,  Canada to Costa Rico and everywhere in between!


Steve Scigliano

Course Director, Instructor Trainer

Swim and Scuba's former owner and resident PADI Course Director, Steve "Scuba Steve" Scigliano has been diving for over 40 years.   He is also a SDI-TDI instructor and DAN Dive Emergency Specialist.


He brings a wealth of Northeast Dive experience and know-how to the scuba divers and Instructors he trains.   Steve helped set up the beach 8th Dive Site in the Rockaways, sinking the dive cages at the pier.


Robert Hecht

IDC Staff Instructor

PADI IDC Staff Instructor/SDI Instructor
Bob is a homegrown Long island diver and enjoys all kinds of diving both  in cold and warm water. 
He enjoys taking students out to explore the waters of Long Island and pointing out the varied sea life that exists here.
He is an avid underwater photographer as well, so feel free to ask him about that!


Steven Katz

Instructor Trainer

Steven Katz (Papa Smurf) has been diving since 1991 and an instructor since 1998. As a small child he always wanted to learn how to dive and he finally got his chance in Florida and New Jersey.  He took full benefit of diving by going around the world in places like Fiji, Maldives, Indonesia and Galapagos.  He teaches Open Water, as well as Advanced Diver up to Instructor. He also teaches Full Face Mask, Side Mount, Dry Suit and other specialty courses. He is certified to teach Handicap Scuba diving where he has taught blind, paraplegic and other injuries needing a specially taught dive buddy.

He has retired from the Air Force after 28 years and is a member of  Wounded Warriors. You can usually find him at the store on Saturdays. Ask him to tell you about the great and unique adventures that are there for scuba divers.


Dan Halloran

IDC Staff Instructor, Instructor Trainer

Dan is an IDC Staff Instructor, Technical and Public Safety Diver Instructor with PADI and SDI-TDI-ERDI he is also a Red Cross, DAN, and EFR, Instructor Trainer.  Dan works with several local Fire & Rescue teams as their Public Safety Diver Training officer.

Dan is wreck penetration, full cave and trimix certified and has been diving since 1996.  He has done work as a Scientific Diver, in Maritime Archaeology and with GIRT.  He loves local diving and has been as deep as 330 fsw diving the wrecks of the deep Atlantic like the  Andrea Doria and 280 ffw in the beautiful caves of Florida.


Nicole Simmons

Instructor, Shop Manager

Nicole is an Open Water Instructor for PADI NAUI, SSI and SDI.  She has worked with Scuba Network since 1993, and has travelled the globe, staffing scuba shops n the Pacific and the Caribbean

With more than 10 thousand dives logged, she is always ready to Go Dive!


William Rifkin


Bill started diving in 2007 at 57, and became an instructor in 2019.  With over 420 dives, all with Martha Katz, Bill has dove all over the World: the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Maldives, Galapagos Islands, Fiji, Chook (f/k/a Truk), and Indonesia.  

Bill loves that there are no cell phones, IPads, or Blackberrys on a dive  When experiencing the joy of diving and seeing new marine life, whatever you may have seen on television, or in the movies does not compare to seeing it in real life.  Also, when you come back from a dive trip your friends and coworkers will be both jealous and envious because you went diving in a location that they could only dream of going and/or never heard of.


Jeanine Jennette


OWSI - coming soon!

gardner photo (002).jpg

Gardner Robinson


Born and raised in Toledo Ohio, Gardner served in the U.S. Marine Corps and shortly after moved to New York, and became a Correction's Officer retiring after twenty years. 

On a trip to the Bahamas, he was introduced to scuba diving.  "Don’t let the regulator fall out your mouth and squeeze your nose if your ears start hurting" - that was my first dive, in 2009 my instructor, Matt Meyer of Scuba Network took us to Beach 9th street Far Rockaway, NY.  My Instructor journey began in 2016 and I’m very happy with it.  Please remember….

(If You Get Tired, Learn to Rest Not to Quit.)        


Chet Pietrzak


Chet is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and DAN DEMP Instructor.  He teaches Public Safety Diving as well as Rescue. 

Chet served in the US Marine Corps, and as a Medic.  He is currently also an NYS EMT and Lifeguard Instructor Trainer.


Jonathan Watkins


Jonathan has been diving on Long Island since 1985. He enjoys diving locally and around the world. He is currently a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, an SDI, and HSA  Handicapped Scuba Instructor


Oscar Ortiz

Assistant Instructor

AI- Coming soon!


Michael Castronovo

Assistant Instructor

AI- coming soon!




DM- coming soon!


Michael Somer

Sales Staff

At the Sales Desk of Scuba Network Long Island's shop- here to help!