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Handicapped & Accessible SCUBA Classes

We offer specialized classes to anyone who is interested in scuba diving regardless of disability.  Classes include group classroom instruction and private 1-on-1 pool sessions with the instructor.

Divers go deep to overcome disabilities

Please check-out NEWSDAY's article, from September 14, 2008,  about handicapped diving instruction at Scuba Network, Long Island.

A medical note is required to participate in Scuba classes
Traditional Diving Program

Three Easy Steps:


Classroom Sessions


Classroom sessions consist of a comprehensive lecture series required to complete your training. Scuba Network® offers an atmosphere of fun and knowledge, which makes your required attendance easy. A DVD is required to supplement those sessions.


Pool Sessions


Experience the excitement as you learn to breathe underwater in a controlled setting, before going into the ocean.


Open Water Dives (In New York for an additional fee)


Four open water dives and a snorkeling dive, with an instructor, are required to complete your certification process.

Private or Semi Private Class & Pool Sessions

Price: Call us for information      516.997.4864

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