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SCUBA Diving Beginner Course

Fun and excitement begin when you learn to scuba dive with SCUBA Network. Turn your fantasy into a reality; explore the vast wonders of the underwater world with us.

PADI SCUBA  Diving Program
Three Easy Steps:

1. Classroom Sessions
Classroom sessions consist of a comprehensive lecture series required to complete your training. Scuba Network® offers an atmosphere of fun and knowledge, which makes your required attendance easy. 


An online course (e-Learning)  is also required IN ADDITION to these live classroom sessions.


2. Pool Sessions
Experience the excitement as you learn to breathe underwater in a controlled setting, before going into the ocean.  Classes are held monthly and your gear is provided.

3. Open Water Dives  (for an additional fee)
Four open water dives and a snorkeling dive, with an instructor, are required to complete your certification process.  These dives can be completed locally with your instructor, or on one of our group trips to the tropics, or on your own vacation.  Flexible programs mean a better experience for you!

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2 Classroom Lectures

3 Pool sessions

Includes rental of tank, B/C & regulator.

*Required Basic Gear Ownership & e-Learning Fee ADDIDIONAL


PRIVATE LESSONS- also available at an additional cost 

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Bubble Maker and Seal Team for Kids!


Does your child want to experience the thrill of diving but isn't old enough for a full SCUBA certification?  Now 8-10 year old's can participate in a SCUBA discovery experience by taking the Bubblemaker or Seal Team programs and prepare themselves to be future divers under the supervision of a dive professional in a safe shallow water pool 


Build confidence and swimming skills, while learning about the undersea environment the Seal Team program is educational and fun!

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