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Continuing Education

After your certification you can join us to continue your learning.
Advanced Diver Courses

 - Advanced Open Water                         - Rescue Diver                    - Master Scuba Diver 

- Nitrox -Enriched Air Course                    - Deep Diver                       - Dry suit Diver

- Underwater Photography                     - Side Mount                        - Solo Diver

- CPR, 1st aid, &  O2 administration        - Public Safety Diver            - Full Facemask

Wreck Diver             Cavern Diver                Boat Diver                           U/W Navigation

Night Diver              Peak Performance Buoyancy                DPV Pilot               Ice Diver 

Search & Recovery                          Tec Diver                 Equipment Specialist

SCUBA Refreshers and ReActivate

Need to brush up on your skills? Been a while since your last dive?  Take a refresher or ReActivate course and make sure you are diving safely, gain the confidence in your SCUBA skills and catch up on the latest in diving skills and techniques!


Dive Professional Programs

- Divemaster                    

- Assistant Instructor

- Open Water Instructor                - First Aid Instructor               

- Specialty Instructor

For More Information check out our Pro Page

Look in our activity schedule for dates and prices for all these courses.

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